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 Secure closings as easy as 1-2-3

Disney Vacation Club™ transfers are real estate transactions that involve intricate details. Magic Vacation Title will make this complex process very simple for you.

  1. We gather all of the important details and verify them with the resort, buyer and seller so that we prepare your title and closing documents accurately.
  2. You receive detailed instruction and support.
  3. Monies and title are held in our escrow until the conditions of the contract are met.Your funds, title and personal information is protected by overlapping bonds, insurance, licensing and most important.....,considerate, experienced professionals.

Our lead staff members have extensive experience in mortgage and title industries and together have performed Disney Vacation club transfers for over 20 years. While we are in a heavily regulated industry, we are proud to say that during our tenure in this industry individually and as a company, we are claim free and consistently pass required underwriting audits.

Surety and Fidelity bond by Old Dominion Insurance company.
Errors and Omissions coverage up to $250,000. 
Licensing Florida Department of Financial Services
Title Insurance agency #P176999.

Underwriter: Chicago Title Insurance Company